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Order Service Introduction


About Order Confirmation E-mail


We will send you order confirmation e-mail in two days after your order.


For customers who didn’t receive e-mails


The order confirmation e-mail will be sent once you order. Occasions like e-mail error may happen if you use free e-mail system, like YAHOO or HOTMAIL or Internet error. Please contact us for this problem.

We suggest you leave the e-mail address which is not free. If the confirmation e-mail error occurs because of using the free e-mail system, please contact us by phone: 03-5961-3085 or e-mail: sunhono@ ito-jp.com


Business Hours:


Order process on our website is available for 24 hours.

Consult about our products should be done during the time listed down below.

Tel: 03-5961-3085

Fax: 03-5961-3085

(Time) 10:00~18:00(Mon. ~Fri.)

    Except for weekends and national holidays

    PHS cell phone is available, too

 Reply to the consult e-mails during non-business hours will be done on the next working day. Thanks for your      consideration for any inconvenience caused.


Consult By E-mail


If you have any problems about your order, please leave your name, order number, and contact phone number.

    Order number is recorded in order confirmation e-mail automatically when you order.

    Unrecorded order number is acceptable if you don’t have one.

    We will probably contact you by telephone directly rather than e-mail. Contact way we choose depends on your problem.

    Reply to the consult e-mails during non-business hours will be done on the next working day. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused. 

Business Hours: 10:00~18:00<Mon. ~Fri.>


About Delivery


Home Delivery

Companies: Sagawa Express, Seino Transportation



Date of Delivery


Cash on Delivery (COD)

 Products are shipped in 7 working days after order.

 Cash on Delivery (COD)

 Products are shipped in 7 working days once payment is done.

NP Postpay

 Products are shipped in 7 working days if Postpay service is acceptable.

Bank Remittance(Prepaid)

 Products are shipped in 7 working days once remittance is done.


※ Business days: Mon~Fri (Except for national Holiday, new year holiday)


※ This may take some time because of the condition of stocks.


Please confirm your available delivery time.


Seino Transportation: Morning, 12-14o’clock, 14-16o’clock, 16-18 o’clock, 18-21o’clock

Sagawa Express: Morning, 12-14o’clock, 14-16o’clock, 16-18 o’clock, 18-21o’clock

There is still occasion that delivery is out of appointed period because of traffic.



About shipping Fee




North-North east

South-North east


Central Japan


Chūgoku region


North Kyushu

South Kyushu

Shipping Fee













    Shipping fee of delivery to outlying islands will be different from island of Japan (the product sent to these areas is shipped by boat, like Okinawa, Izu Islands, and Bonin Islands) If you have any questions, please contact us by ways listed below.

Tel: 03-5961-3085 or E-mail: sunhong888@jto-jp.com. Free shipping fee for products are more than 10,000 dollars.


About Payment


Payment can be done by ways listed down below:

Cash on Delivery (COD), Pay by Credit Card, Bank Remittance (Prepaid).



Cash on Delivery (COD)


Handling Charge/ free


When your products are arrived, please give the money to the delivery staff.

There are still areas which are not available for cash on delivery, thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.



Pay by Credit Card

Payment by these credit cards is acceptable.






Bank Remittance (Prepaid)


Customers will be charged handling charge.

    Charges are different because of different banks.

    Delivery starts right away once payment is done.


Wire transfer receipt cannot be sent to customers.

--------------Information for wire transference------------------

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd Ikebukuro Branch

Branch Number: 359

Type of Account: Current Account

Bank Account Number: 0086835

Bank Account: SHOUHON (KA)

Order cancelation happens once you don’t pay in 14 days after order.

Please inform us first if the sender’s name is different from the purchaser.

Please keep your foreign exchange memo carefully. 




NP postpay(not available for convenient store, post office and bank】



Returns and Refunds

The service of returns is only acceptable with unopened and unused products. Furthermore, application has to be done in 7 days after arrival of products. The customer may under no circumstances whatsoever return the product. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused. The shipping fee and handling charge is necessary for products returning because of the personal reasons. If not, it’s company to cover the fee.



About Refunds and Returns in shop




This number is also usable by cell phone and PHS.


There is occasion of special days off. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.



About Refunds and Returns not in shop


Please consult the shop which you buy the products from.


About the issue of receipt, invoice, and packing list.


The form of receipt may be different because of the difference of payment.

Formal receipt forms are listed below. These receipts are admitted by Tax Administration.


Cash on Delivery (COD)

The list on the surface of product is regarded as receipt.

The receipt is given after payment.

Pay by Credit Card

The details of credit card charge is regarded as receipt.

Bank Remittance (Prepaid)

The details of remittance is regarded as receipt.

NP Postpay

Receipt is given after payment.

Pay at Convenience Store: receipt is given.

Pay at Post Office: receipt is given.

Pay at Bank: the details of wire transfer or journals are regarded as receipt.


The packing list is given while the arrival of products.

About gift, the statement of delivery is sent to the purchaser. Please remark it during order if no need for it.

The statement of delivery is not sent to the gift receiver. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.