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Privacy Policy


When Sun Hong Company (Sun Hong) provide all kinds of legal services, we will care the personal particulars of customers. Our office is national qualified. When it comes to the aspect of law, we will take the responsibility to protect the personal particulars of customers. Therefore, customers can trust us and feel safe.

We will obey the laws which are about the personal particulars, and we will only use these information in appropriate way.

1. Getting personal particulars

We will never use illegal way to get personal particulars, and the information we get are always by appropriate ways.

2. Using personal particulars

To achieve the goals listed below, we will use personal particulars we got.

If the goals are not listed below, agreement from customer is necessary.

(1)When we answer the questions from the website.

3. Security management of personal particulars

We will take the necessary measures to prevent data leakagedata lostdata damages.


4. Appointment of personal particulars

If we appoint the third party to deal with all of the personal particulars, or pars of them, we will censor the qualifications of the third party strictly, and we will supervise the party in a necessary and appropriate way to do the security management of personal particulars.

5. Providing the personal particulars to the third party

Except from the rules in Personal Data Protection Law, we cannot provide personal particulars to the third party.

6. Publication and correction of personal particulars

If there is need to make the personal particulars public, this has to be done immediately.

If we cannot make sure the information comes from the same person, the information cannot be made public.

If you have any demands or questions from above, please contact our liaison office.

Liaison OfficeCompany Name: Sun Hong Company

Please send the inquiry form to contact us.

7. Amendment of Policy

The content of this policy still has possibility to amend.

Amended policy will be effective immediately once it is posted on website, except for the rules from Sun Hong.