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Specified Commercial Transaction Law
President ショウ ジイ
Address Tokyo toshimaku kitaotsuka 3-32-10 Toshimakita biru 2F
Phone numbers 03-5961-3085
FAX 03-5961-3084
Mail address sunhong888@jto-jp.com
How to pay

Bank transfer, courier deferred payment, credit card payment, NP deferred payment

Payment terms Within seven days from your order
Shipping fees

Shipping fees are 700 yen.
and are even more in some area.
However, free shipping is applied when Commodity price is more than 10,000.

The necessary fee other than commodity price Shipping fees only(Commodity price is less than 10,000).
As a general rule, we don’t offer services such as packaging or ironing.
Delivery It will be shipped in the Seino Transportation within 2-3 business days.
Should the shipping will be late due to inventory shortage or transportation condition, we will contact you by phone.
Expiration date of your order In the case of bank transfer, your order will be cancelled if the payment isn't made within 7 days from your order.
Returns Returns by the circumstances of the customer.
Returns by the circumstances of the customer will not be admitted.

Returns by elegance difference or defectiveness.

Should different products or defective goods arrive, please contact us within one week after goods arrival.

We will promptly send substitute goods. We accept returns if there is lack of stock.

Return deadline one week after goods arrival.
Transfer account Account holder: ショウホンカブシキガイシャ
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Ikebukuro branch Branch code:359
Account number:0086835